The dog days of summer are upon us and the Derelict ship is sailing along nicely. The mixing of Bergenfield Blues is almost complete, I just need to schedule one more day in the studio to complete the final mix. Hopefully by the end of August the mix will be complete and I can begin shopping the album to a few labels that have shown interest in releasing/distributing it. As for the R&B album, it is about 50% complete, but due to financial limitations, I will be forced to table the album for the next six months or so, until I can raise the proper funds to hire singers and a horn section. I will be releasing this album as Black Angels & White Devils, which will be the band name and title of the album. I figured since the album will be featuring singers from outside of our band it wouldn't be fair to call it a Derelicts album. The album will have 11 songs total, six with vocals and five instrumentals. I figure I'll have it completed by 2024. We also have recorded with Scotty and Brian Murray about 10 songs for another electric rocker which is about 70% complete. Will probably be finishing that album by the end of 2023. Lots of songs, so little money! Hahaha! 

  In other news, we have been getting lots of great reviews, both here and abroad UK/EU, raving about our newest platter The Twain Shall Meet. I have been speaking to the Captain of our ship and record label boss Barry Diament and he is very psyched about all the positive press and brisk sales we are getting for the album. I do believe we will be getting back into the studio with Barry sometime within the next year or so to record another acoustic album for SoundKeeper Recordings.

  Enjoy the rest of the summer and come on out to a show and say hello! Stay Cool Babies! GK


The Cosmic American Derelicts 2022 are:

Scott Lauro- Vocals/Songwriter & Fender Tele & Strat Guitars, banjo, lap steel/bender guitar, 

Ed Rainey- Vocals, Lead/Slide guitar- Gibson Les Paul, Fender Tele B-bender, mandolin, Dobro and lap steel, drums/percussion

George Kapitanellis- Songwriter, Fender P/J  Bass, Englehardt Double Bass and Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar, tamborine

Danny Pavas- Vocals/Songwriter, Gibson Acoustic and Fender Strat, 

Sotiri Karlis- on Slingerland Drums

Nick Reeb Fiddle.

Rob Clores- Piano/ Hammond B-3 Organ/Nord

Dixie Lee- vocals


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, guitars, songwriter--Tele

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums--Slingerland

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter-- Strat Cat

Joe Wilkinson-vocals & guitar, songwriter-- Les Paul & Strat