Almost time for some turkey and stuffing and the Derelicts are planning their next move. Like I wrote in previous posts, we have been writing a lot of new songs, so the next logical step would be to begin the demo'ing process, which will begin early next year, as we have upgraded our studio to begin the recording process. Lots of new songs coming down the pike. I hope to record songs by all our Derelict brothers, Brian Murray, Scott Lauro, Mike Corr, and Danny Pavs, as well as a bunch of my own songs. Altogether we're looking at about 50 or so songs to track and finish. So we will be busy for at least the net 3 years or so tracking and finishing these songs. I am super stoked to have so many good songs on the plate, raring to be born. 

  In other Derelict news we have booked our Tribute To Honky Tonk Blues & Outlaw County music into two great rooms so far. The Cutting Room NYC Jan 17th 7pm and Sunday Feb 9th at the Sellersville Theater, Pa. We will be performing songs by Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Mere Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, etc. We will also be adding a bunch of our songs into the mix too! Both shows will be professionally filmed for future DVD release. I am working on bringing this show into other venues on the east coast over the next year, so keep yer eyes peeled on our website. 

  I want to wish every one of our friends and fans a happy holiday season, eat, drink and be merry my friends, fore the Sands of time fall quickly, so enjoy every moment that you can. God bless you all. Much love from the Homestead.. Greek. 11/17/19