The leaves are changing and days are turning dark, autumn is in full sway and the Derelicts have been working feverishly on many new musical endeavours. We began recording in late July and have been recording two days a week in the studio since then. We have begun the recording process on 3 different albums. I am completing my much talked about Blues/R&B album which will be titled Bergenfield Blues, the album will feature 10 new numbers! Written by the Greek, (6 songs and 4 instrumentals). Featured on these song's will be Scott Lauro-vocals/guitars, Ed Rainey-drums/guitars/voclas,  Sotiri Karlis-drums, Joe Wilkinson-vocals/guitars, Danny Pavas-backing vocals, Greek on bass/acoustic guitar, Rob Clores-piano/organ, and the Terr-ettes on backing Vocals/harmonies. There will also be horns on 1 or 2 songs. 

Song titles:

Homestead Swing

Where Can She Be

Ace's & 8's 

Chop Steak

Stop Talking

Robs Blues

Baby Don't Go

Yesterday's Wine


Married Girl Blues


 We have also begun recording songs for a new Derelict album tentatively titled Derelict Sightings. We have cut two Danny Pavas penned tunes, Louisiana and Help Lord, which will be featured on the new album. We will also be recording Yankee, St. John's Ave. No Sense, and 500 Year Flood which are written by original/founding member, singer/songwriter Brian Murray. Brian will be playing rhythm guitar and singing a couple of songs too! We also want to record a 45 single which will feature Brian's ska songs, Ska-opportunity, and Sub-Ganja Swing. The rest of the album will be made up of two Scott Lauro songs, New 1/2 Step, and Shotgun Without A Shell, three George the Greek songs, Wasted My Love, Lonesome Mountain-written by Jason Avalone and the Greek, and Kneel Down and Pray. We also want to add another two Danny penned numbers titled, Let me In, I Believe, as well as 2-3 Joe Wilkinson songs. Derelict Sightings will most likely be a double album since we have so much material. We also have recorded a few songs for Danny and I's follow up to 2010''s TruBlue-Smells Like Music album. The creative juices are flowing smoothly at the Homestead this year. Lots of new music coming down the pike. 

  In other Derelict news, I am still shopping the Terry Reid/Derelicts (9) album to a couple of labels, have some interest, but trying to secure a deal that will benefit us the most, so I am taking it slow. We have also begun the process of preproduction on a spring time project which will feature us as an acoustic ensemble, complete with banjos, mandolins, fiddles dobro and 4 part harmonies. We are honoured to be working with Barry Diamond/Sound Keeper Recordings, a legend in the field of audio sound mastering. He has chosen us for his next project and we are super psyched to oblige him. We will be cutting 12 tracks, 4 songs each by Scotty, Danny and George. I will fill you all in with more info as I learn more about what we will be doing. 

  As of now we don't have any shows planned until next spring, gonna focus on making the best recordings we can. I will begin the soliciting of gigs for next year in the coming weeks. We'll see what happens. The industry has been destroyed due to this Covid shit. 


  Thanks for checking in on us and I wish you all a blessed holiday season. Listen to music and love one another.  Greek 10/23/20





The Cosmic American Derelicts 2020 are:


Scott Lauro-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Ed Rainey-vocals, guitars, drums, slide guitar, b-bender, mandolin, dobro and lap steel.

George Kapitanellis-Fender bass, songwriter

Danny Pavas-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Sotiri Karlis- on drums

Nick Reeb Fiddle.


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, guitars, songwriter

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Joe Wilkinson-vocals& guitar, songwriter