Spring is comin in and the birds are singing.

  The Derelicts have been feverishly working on our first batch of new songs, which we will be featuring on our as-yet untitled 7th album, which will be recorded by audio legend Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings, http://www.barrydiamentaudio.com/   Barry is currently scouting locations in Connecticut to set up a mobile studio and begin the recording process. Barry is looking for a rootsy fit, ie: old churches, theaters, barns, mansions, etc, places with a natural sound and vibe. We are all very pleased to be working with the Diamond! And are looking forward to a fun, happy and mutually rewarding friendship/partnership with Soundkeeper Recordings.

 The titles of the songs are as follows:

Yankee- Written by Brian Murray/CAD

Lighthouse Keeper- Written By George K, Louie Demayo

Whispering Winds-Written By George K/Scotty Lauro

Waylon- Written by Scott Lauro

Speeding Train- Written by Sotiri Karlis/Scott Lauro

Pine Song-Written By Scott Lauro

New 1/2 Step- written by Scotty Lauro

Oh No-Written By Danny Pavas

Let Me In-Written By Danny Pavas

Woods & Water- Written By Danny Pavas

 Some of these songs we have performed, others are just being born and raised. The songs will feature, all acoustic instruments- Dobro, fiddle, acoustic guitars, upright bass, mandolin, banjo and drums/percussion on a few songs. Singing the songs will be Scotty Lauro, Danny Pavas and Ed Rainey. There will most likely be added another song or two to the list, but we aren't quite sure which ones yet. 

  In other music news, (8) & Bergenfield Blues are still in the process of being finished. (8) our 5th album which we recorded with Terry Reid is currently being mixed by Professor Louie up in Woodstock. Bergenfield Blues is kind of at a stand still, about 70% complete, due to the female vocalists which comprise the Queens Of Kush and Tom Gioia at Visionary Studios, they haven't been vaccinated and don't want to work together until they are. So we wait on them and hopefully by summer they will have the vaccination and we can complete the vocal tracks, in the mean time I am planning on getting Eddie back to the Homestead this month to finish his guitar parts and then we can finally mix it, print it and ship by the end of summer. The songs on Bergenfield Blues were written by George The Greek and arranged & produced by the Tokin Two- Eddie & George. Tracks are as follows

Homestead Swing

Where Can She Be

Aces & 8's 

Rob's Blues

Yestersday's Wine

A Hot Summer's Day

Chop Steak

Stop Talkin

Married Girl Blues


The album features Eddie on drums/percussion and guitars/slide, George on Fender Bass, upright bass, percussion and acoustic guitar, Rob Clores- Fender Rodes, Hammond Organ, Piano, Joe Wilkinson Les Paul and vocals, Scott Lauro guitar/vocals, Overdose Galinos on drums, and the Queens of Kush on vocals. 

 The album was engineered and recorded by Hipster Steve DeVito at Homestead Studios Bergenfield NJ. Aug 2020-Nov 2020

  We have also just begun recording our 25th anniversary album, Derelict Sightings-2023- with co-founding member and original singer Brian Murray, the album will mainly feature Brian's songs, with a couple of Scotty and George numbers thrown into the mix as well. 

 We have booked a couple of gigs in June, but for now our main focus will be gettin in the studio and finishing/beginning these various projects. Like I said before we will be putting out at least 5-6 records in the next decade, that's the plan anyway. It is truly a blessing to make music with cats that are so cool. 

 I want to wish everyone a Joyous Passover and Happy Easter. God bless you all. GK 3/30/21


The Cosmic American Derelicts 2021 are:


Scott Lauro-vocals & guitar, banjo, lap steel, songwriter

Ed Rainey-vocals, guitars, drums, slide guitar, b-bender, mandolin, dobro and lap steel.

George Kapitanellis-Fender bass, Upright Bass and acoustic guitar, songwriter

Danny Pavas-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Sotiri Karlis- on drums

Nick Reeb fiddle.

Rob Clores- piano/organ


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, guitars, songwriter

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Joe Wilkinson-vocals & guitar, songwriter