Happy New Year to all our friends and fans..

 Lots of new music comin up next year, gonna be completing Bergenfield's Blues as well as beginning our sessions for Sound Keeper Recordings in the late spring/early summer. If all goes right we will be putting out an album every year for the next 5-10 years. First off I will finish mixing and mastering -8- the album we made with Terry Reid, then the above mentioned Bergenfield's Blues, following that will be two albums for Sound Keeper Recordings, both as yet untitled, one will be a bluegrass/mountain music album filled with three part harmonies, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, dobros and acoustic bass and guitars. The second album will be more of an electric rock and roll album, and for our 25th anniversary, 2023, we are planning on releasing an album with original singer Brian Murray at the helm, bringing it all back to where we started, that album will be titled Derelict Sightings. we are also planning on recording music with original/part-time Derelicts Joe Wilkinson and Mike Corr.

  The Derelicts will be performing a couple of Live Streams from the Turning Point  and perhaps an odd gig/fest in 2021, but right now we are in full writing/recording mode, Steely Dan style, hahahaha! I've posted some videos on our site from last years Cutting Room & Sellersville Theater shows. We hope to be back into full swing giggin by 2022, just being a realist at the moment, as the industry has been wiped out due to the virus. Ideally we would like to do a tour of the east coast and UK in 2022-23. Time will tell...

  That's the news for now. Keep on lovin one another and remember to be kind. Lots' of love. George The Greek


The Cosmic American Derelicts 2021 are:


Scott Lauro-vocals & guitar, banjo, lap steel, songwriter

Ed Rainey-vocals, guitars, drums, slide guitar, b-bender, mandolin, dobro and lap steel.

George Kapitanellis-Fender bass, Upright Bass and acoustic guitar songwriter

Danny Pavas-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Sotiri Karlis- on drums

Nick Reeb fiddle.

Rob Clores- piano/organ


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, guitars, songwriter

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter

Joe Wilkinson-vocals & guitar, songwriter