Summer's about done and the chill wind is starting to blow. The Derelicts are busy at work, writing new songs and working toward putting together a Tribute To Outlaw Country Show, that we hope to tour with next year.. Our fifth album Bergenfield Blues is finished, but we don't have the money to master and print it yet, so please be patient with us, I promise it will be worth the wait. I am also trying to finish up this blues EP that I started during the Bergenfield Blues sessions. The as yet untitled EP will feature 3 blues songs and 3 instrumental numbers written by the Greek. Scotty has finally started to write some songs, and I gotta tell ya they are damn good, Scott isn't a very prolific songwriter, but when he does get down to writing he makes sure that they are gold, and these two new songs are real good! Now that Scotty has been inspired to write, I have begun plotting out the songs for the Derelicts 6th album, tentatively titled Old Glories, which will be made up of 5 Brian Murray original songs-500 Year Flood, St. John's Avenue, Colour Of The Wind, Yankee, and No Sense, two Greek compositions-Wasted My Love & Lighthouse Keeper and as of now the two Scott Lauro penned songs-Shotgun Without A Shell & New Half Step. This album will definitely be bringing us back to our country/southern roots. I hope to begin the new album sometime next year, but first I have to finish this EP which I would say is about 65% finished, still need to track 2 songs and finish the rest, ie: Overdub guitars and horns. I have also got back to writing some songs with Derelict collaborator Danny Pavas. Danny is a pretty prolific songwriter so there aint much for me to do except add a few lyrics or lend him an ear to arrange the songs, I figure sometime in the next 2-3 years we will begin recording those songs for a future Danny Pavas record.

    In other Derelict news, we have just inked a digital distribution deal with CADIZ Music UK, they will be promoting all of the Derelict's albums 1-4 as well as the two Hillbilly Water albums and TruBlue album that Danny and I released almost ten years ago. You will be able to find all of this music on Spotidfy, I-tunes, Pandora, etc, etc. We are looking forward to having a fruitful partnership with CADIZ Music and hopefully after the Brexit deal settles down they will also be distributing all the above mentioned albums and cds through their websites and retail dealers too. Once I find out all the info, I will be sure to post their website and other pertinent info.. I would like to plan a UK Tour for next year, but am waiting to see what happens with the Brexit plan, as it may interfere with our plans.

   So that's the news for now my friends, lots of new songs coming yer way. As always I am thinking big and making plans! Cheers to you all. God bless and be safe..GK