Hope everyone has had a great holiday season.  2019 is almost here and the upcoming CAD album is coming together nicely. The songs, 10 in all, were written by me and sung by Terry Reid, except Brandy which was written by our friend and local Irish minstrel Sean Reynolds, the album definitely leans heavily toward Blues/R&B with a couple of acoustic ballads and two instrumentals thrown in to round out the bunch. I am currently working hard at completing this album. We still need to add some female harmonies to 4-5 songs and then we should be ready to mix. The musicians who have played on these songs are as follows; Terry Reid-guitar and vocals, Ed Rainey electric & acoustic guitars, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, vocal harmonies and drums on several tracks, George Kapitanellis-Fender Bass and songs, Galinos Kapitanellis drums, Scott Lauro vocal harmonies and guitar, Rob Clores piano, B-3 Organ, Wurlitzer and Fender Rodes piano, Joe Wilkinson-electric guitar and harmony, and Gary Schwartz-Drums, Danny Pavas-rhythm guitar. It's always a pleasure working with such good hearted and talented musicians. I am truly blessed to be able to make music with such cool cats. I am currently shopping around for a label/distribution deal for these songs as well as a publicist to help get the word out.

The songs are titled as follows;

                                                  Shame To See You Go

                                                   All About You

                                                   She Told Me

                                                    Now That You're Gone

                                                    Time Only Tells


                                                    December to May

                                                    Black Sunrise


                                                     Rob's Blues-Instrumental

  We will be releasing this album on vinyl and CD. I hope to have it all wrapped up and out to the public by early summer of 2019. The title of the album will be. Bergenfield Blues, an homage to our hometown. Bergenfield Blues will be our 5th album.

  We have a bunch of gigs coming up in the next 6 months and more will be added to our calander in the next few weeks as we are working on confirming a few more Terry Reid dates in May. I hope to start working on some new material with the boys in the summer/fall of 2019. We have about 8 songs written with Scott and Brian that will eventually be on our 6th album.  I want to wish you all much love, prosperity and happiness in the coming year. God bless you all. Have a safe and happy New Year! To the top!!