Hope everyone is having a good spring. The Derelicts have been super busy as of late, playing lots of shows and working in the studio on a bunch of new songs. We have tracked 10 songs, that are now in various stages of completion, with another dozen songs written and ready to be tracked. I have written about 17 songs over the last 16 months and am very much excited to get these songs on wax. Some of these songs will be sung by Terry Reid and some by our very talented singer Scott Lauro and we also have five new originals written by our co-founding/original singer Brian Murray. The rest will be instrumental blues/R&B songs ala' Booker T. & The MGs.  The muse has blessed us and we are hoping to be putting out a bunch of these new songs within the next year or so. The newly recorded songs feature Eddie Rainey-guitar/drums/vocals, George The Greek-bass/production, Overdose Galinos-on drums, longtime Derelict collaborator Rob Clores-organ/piano, Scott Lauro-guitar/vocals, former Derelict Joe Wilkinson-guitar, Calogero Vasi-harmonica and Terry Reid-vocals. These new songs will also feature a horn section and female backing vocals, I'll post all the personnel info when I get the musicians lined up. I have always wanted to record some tracks with my brother and original drummer Overdose Galinos and now I finally have, it's great when you can keep it in the family, as we are a tight knit band of brothers. It feels good to experiment and create music with these very talented musicians. Eddie and I have also talked over the years of having him play drums on some songs, and finally after some coaxing and jam sessions, I finally got Eddie in the studio to cut a few songs. I feel very blessed as a musician/bandleader, to have so many great musical talents in my Derelict family. Sotiri will be back on his drum throne for the remaining dozen songs. Not sure we're these songs will wind up, but I know each one will find its place on a nice vinyl platter. 

  I am currently working on booking more shows for both the Derelicts and Terry Reid, new t-shirt designs, album artwork and also trying to gussie up the website. I'll keep ya all posted as the songs/albums come closer to completion. Looking forward to seeing ya'all at the shows. God bless you all and enjoy the sunshine.  George The Greek.