Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. The dog days of summer are upon us, and lots of goings on happening in Derelict land. I have booked a bunch of Terry shows in Nov, (working on more), as well as a bunch of Derelicts gigs. The Terry Reid/CAD album is coming together nicely. The songs, 8 in all, were written by me and sung by Terry, except Brandy which was written by our friend and local Irish minstrel Sean Reynolds, the album definitely leans heavily toward Blues/R&B with a couple of acoustic ballads thrown in to round out the bunch. I am currently working hard at completing this album. We still need to record two vocals with Terry, in Nov, and add some female harmonies to a song or two, as well as finishing guitar over dubs on  various songs. The musicians who have played on these songs are as follows; Terry Reid-guitar and vocals, Ed Rainey electric & acoustic guitars, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, vocal harmonies and drums on several tracks, George Kapitanellis-Fender Bass and songs, Galinos Kapitanellis drums, Scott Lauro vocal harmonies and guitar, Rob Clores piano, B-3 Organ, Wurlitzer and Fender Rodes piano, Joe Wilkinson-electric guitar and harmony, Sotiri Karlis drums and Calogero Vasi harmonica. It's always a pleasure working with such fine talented musicians. I am truly blessed! I am currently shopping around for a label/distribution deal for these songs as well as a publicist to help get the world out.

The songs are titled as follows;

                                                 2 as yet untitled songs

                                                   She Told Me

                                                    Now That You're Gone

                                                    Time Only Tells


                                                    December to May

                                                    Black Sunrise

We will be releasing this album on vinyl and CD. I hope to have it all wrapped up and out to the public by early next spring, around March/April. Keep yer fingers crossed..

  The other blues project that I was working on has morphed into a more R&B instrumental vibe, ala' Booker T/MGs. Most of the songs are complete, just need to add horns to a couple of songs and add some guitar. The tracks on both of these albums were cut pretty fast and loose so as not to lose the spontaneaous feeling. Almost all of the tracks that we have recorded are first or second takes. I didn't want everything to sound polished or sterile, I want these songs to have lots of vibe, feeling and groove, and so far, so good. I haven't come up with a title for the album as yet, but here are the song titles. Who knows? Perhaps I will release everything as a double album.

1. Where Can She Be- the only non instrumental of the bunch. Sung By Scott Lauro, Eddie on guitars, Galinos on drums, Rob Clores on organ and Greek on bass.

2. Gaulopaugus-Eddie, Greek, Gal and Rob. will feature horn section

3. Buck's Blues-Eddie, Greek, Rob w/Horn section

4. Shake It baby-Eddie, Gal, & Greek w/Chicks singing outro chorus, gospel style, .maybe horns

5. Greek Mac- Eddie, Greek, Rob

6. Sundress- Eddie, Rob, Gal, Greek, w/Horns?

7. Wake & Bake- Eddie Rob, Gal, Greek



We finally have received our T-shirts/Tank Tops, bumper stickers and shot glasses. They are available at all our shows. Lots of new music coming your way. Hope to see ya all at the shows! Lots of love from me to you, have a happy and healthy summer. To The Top! Greek

Ps. Sometime next year we will be back in the studio to start another album with original singer Brian Murray and current singer Scotty Lauro. Gonna be going back to basics on this one. recording it at the Homestead with longtime friend/engineer Chris Petro back at the board. Brian's written six songs so far and Scotty's workin on a couple as we speak. I have also been discussing another TruBlue record with former Derelict Danny Pavas, he's been writing up a storm and I have a couple of songs that would fit nicely in that vibe. But first things first, gotta finish the current projects!! I'll keep ya posted...